My St. Croix

So, I spend most of my days hauling dive gear around, wet morning, noon, and night. I could do without the damn dive gear but couldn’t live without my seagoing friends.  I know every rock and sponge, on the local reefs, and tell my husband, that if he blindfold me and dropped me in the sea anywhere on the West End of St. Croix, within 10 minutes I could tell you exactly what dive site I was on.  It’s a life and world unimaginable, a strange existence that the normal recreational diver will never understand but I’m content in the fact that there is always tomorrow and another new adventure waiting for me under the sea.    

I'M STILL PISSED THAT I AM NOT A MERMAID but closer than most can ever imagine.  I think I’ll stay here awhile.


Behind the Lens

Over the years  I've documented thousands of dives with a wide assortment of camera equipment.   After obtaining my Professional Dive Rating in 1991, I spent 10 years working the Florida dive boats from Jupiter to Palm Beach, along with logging recreational dives in the Florida Keys, the Bahamas, the Caribbean as well as dive destinations in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.   Some of my favorite dive destinations include; Dominica, Little Cayman, Saba, Lembeh Straight, Raja Ampat, West Papua, and Bali. 


My Story

Born and raised in South Florida's culture of sand and sea, I'm a second-generation diver who started diving in the early 70s off the East Coast of Florida.  There, I was spoiled by the healthy growth of corals and marine life fed by the nutrient-rich Gulf Stream.  While Studying Environmental Sciences at FIT, Jensen Beach I developed my never-ending passion for underwater photography and have never put it aside.

Although the majority of my professional career was spent in the construction industry, I have never been able to leave the sea.  Upon retiring in 2006, my husband and I relocated to St. Croix, US Virgin Island, where I am now living the life I've always dreamed, diving every day, where my fascination and enthusiasm for the sea continues to grow.  As a full-time Scuba Instructor and Underwater Photographer with NEP2UNE Scuba Diving, I take every opportunity to introduce new divers to an amazing experience, and the experienced divers to the wonders of diving St. Croix.


NEP2UNE Scuba Diving

202 Custom House St.

St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

(340) 227-1915


The Husband

"I went from being the favorite dive buddy to just being the idiot that kicks up the sand" ~Paul